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Interactive2023 Customer Service Report

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Questions & answers

  1. What is the Customer Service Report by LiveChat?

    The report shows the results for key LiveChat customer service metrics. The goal is to give you insight into the state of live chat customer service across different industries and locations around the world. The report is based on the data from 30 industries and 150 countries.

  2. What data do you use in the Customer Service Report?

    The report is based on the data gathered from January 2019 to December 2019, from 23,487 of LiveChat’s customers. We’ve considered only the companies that had at least one chat a day.

    The data in the Customer Service Report will be updated once a month. Soon, there will be a possibility to filter data by month.

  3. How does the Customer Service Report work?

    In this report you’ll find key LiveChat customer service metrics presented on various dashboards. For each dashboard you can use filters to narrow the results - based on location, industry or business size. Additionally, you can add cards with the metrics that you want to see in the particular dashboard. You can save configured dashboards and also share them with others!

  4. Do I have to be a LiveChat customer to use it?

    You don’t, but if you care about customer service, it’s worth a try. The report focuses on the most important live chat metrics, which you can easily find and measure inside the LiveChat application. It allows you to compare your own results directly to those of similar businesses. However, if you don’t have access to LiveChat application, you can check the state of customer service for different locations and industries around the world.

  5. How do I use filters?

    Filters are useful when you want to compare your customer service results with others. You can use company size, location, and industry and soon you’ll be able to choose a time range.

  6. Can I create my own dashboard with metrics relevant to me?

    Yes, and we encourage you to do that! To create your own dashboard, add new cards from the list or remove existing ones. Choose cards with the metrics most relevant to you, save the dashboard, and share it with others!

  7. How can this report help me?

    Customer service is one of the most important parts of keeping your business healthy and of helping it grow. Efficient support and smooth communication via different channels help you win customers. And customer service can be measured the same way as your business’ goals. The Customer Service Report is a tool that lets you check and monitor the most important customer service metrics, stay up to date with new ones, and keep track of competitors’ performance.

  8. Can I improve my metrics?

    The Customer Service Report not only gives you data, but it’s also full of explanation, advice, and resources that will help you improve the metrics. There are usually many factors influencing a particular metric and we try to explain that, also redirecting you to LiveChat’s Blog and Help Center where you can find step-by-step articles on how to improve your customer service metrics and win more customers.


The report is based on the data from 30 industries, and 150 countries. We’ve considered only the companies that had at least one chat a day. The report is based on the data gathered from last 12 months





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