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Local Customer Service Benchmark

Amazing customer service is the foundation of business’ success. Check how your business measures up with averages for different industries and locations.

Customer satisfaction

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Average number of chats

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Average first response time

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Average chat duration

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Monitor your customer service scores compared to local competition

With LiveChat app, you can analyze your customer service performance and see how you perform compared to your local competition. These insights will help you improve metrics that are not going well.

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Benchmark FAQ

What are the key customer service metrics I should monitor?

The most important customer service metric is customer happiness. It’s a key metric that summarizes of all your customer service efforts. With live chat support, you should also monitor average first response time, which shows how long your customers wait for the first reply.

Why customer service metrics are important?

You can measure your customer service the same way you measure your business’ goals. LiveChat gives you the tools to monitor the most important customer service metrics. They influence your customer happiness and, ultimately, increase sales.

What’s the point of customer service benchmark metrics?

Your need many different components to succeed in business. Good customer service is one of them. Efficient support and smooth communication via different channels can help you win the customer. On the other hand, poor customer service can break your business. Customer service benchmark metrics show you the averages for your industry and area of operation. If there’s a big demand on live chat in your industry (companies have a big number of chats), you may want to join them and meet your customers’ needs by offering communication through live chat as well.

Why should I benchmark customer service performance?

These are average numbers that give you an outlook on the customer service standards in particular industries. For example, if other companies in your industry have twice as much chats as you, it’s a sign you can improve your customer service strategy and invite more visitors to chat with you. As for handle time, if it’s drastically different in your company compared to your industry, you probably take too long to solve customer service cases and you're not meeting your customers' expectations.

There are no local customer service benchmark data for my area

If there’s no data for your area in a particular industry it simply means we don’t have enough customers there yet. It shouldn’t stop you from measuring your customer service. Broaden the results and see the scores - it still gives you an outlook on the customer service state in your industry.

How can I improve my customer service metrics?

There are many things you can do to improve your customer service metrics, depending on what’s going on. We have many materials that will help you work on your customer satisfaction. Starting from positive language on chat, organizing knowledge in your company to know everything that the customers ask you about, to all the live chat features that speed up your support and automate repeatable tasks.

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